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A day on boardKaat-on-the-Bollen

What does a day on board look like? At 8:30  breakfast is served for all guests together.
After the dishes are done everyone comes together on deck so we can sail at about 10:00  Everyone is supposed to give a hand with the sailing; we sail the ship together.
Around 13:00 lunch will be served and around 16:30 the ship can be moored in the harbour where we stay that night, so that there is time to explore the place before diner.
At about 19:00 is diner time.
Duration of the yourney

A weekend is from friday 8.00h pm till sunday 4.00h p.m. A midweek starts monday 10.00 h a.m. and stops friday 4.00h p.m. A week starts saturday or monday 10.00h a.m. uur and ends fridayKaat-Mossel-full sail or sunday at 4.00h p.m. In advantage their is a possibility to sleep on board at extra cost.


For a pleasant stay on board the ship has good sanitary equipment; each cabin has cold running water and heating. The galley has a stove, sink and refridgerator(s) and enough cutlery, pots and pans etc.

Special wishes

In all mediated / organized tours of Sjakzeilreizen you can make your wishes known. However, sailing ships are subject to wind and water, so in advance never to promise how the journey will eventually expire. The captain decides from force 6Bfrt. whether it’s safe to sail out; he or she has the highest  responsibility and is at last always to decide.


For the team of Sjakzeilreizen hospitality and customer care have a high priority. They arecertificate hospitality trained in hospitality and knowledge of the Waddensea and all its nature.
Some tips….
* don’t forget to tell when you book an individual trip whether you are a vegetarian, or perhaps having a diet or food allergy. We take account of that as much as possible.
** don’t forget suitable clothes, both sun and rain gear, warm jumper, good anti-slip shoes, camera, etc.


Do you have a question on account of the information on the website, please do contact us.
Send an email
Or give us a ring    068 324 8206
Or write to:
Postbus 1345
1500 AH ZaandamCertificate Wat is Wad

KvK nr.         3432033

Op al onze reizen zijn de algemene voorwaarden, ontleend aan de branchevereniging BBZ, van toepassing. Deze zijn kosteloos aan te vragen.

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