The Ship

The ship

In 1905 the clipper Kaat Mossel was launched at the shipyard Gebroeders de Boer in Lemmer, built as a two-mast clipper. Her construction, among which the rafter spread of 30 cm is probably designed in such a way that it was possible to sail the rough Zuiderzee without any problems.
Up till 1930 she transported all kind of cargo under sail. After 1930 the masts were removed and there was displacement by engines only; this situation lasted up till 1972.
The (in the world of traditional sailing ships) well-known, sadly too early deceased Jan Bakker brought the Kaat under sail again, at first as a three-mast clipper. But the amount of masts turned out to be a handicap at the various races. Several adaptions were carried out in order to finish sharp during the clipper races. That was successful up till the moment that fellow skippers came up with faster ships.

The ship’s length is 28 meter and its width is 5,50 meter. It’s a slender ship what makes that it can reach high speeds. With a 250 square foot of standard sail surface and another sail equipment of 140 square foot, she cleaves the water like a graceful “old” lady.

According to the latest inspection requirements of the Ministry of Inspection, Environment and Transport, the Kaat Mossel is adopted.


Groundplan Kaat Mossel


The origin of the name

Kaat Mossel- the old womanWho was Kaat Mossel?

Kaat Mossel is named after the Rotterdam saleswoman of mussels, named Catharina Mulder
(1723-1798). She thanks her nickname, Kaat Mossel to her job as a female inspector of mussels. Kaat Mossel was a great Royalist. She got imprisoned in 1785 for 10 years by singing the royal song “Oranje Boven”, which was forbidden in those days. She was also suspected of stirring up the Royalists against the Patriots. With the help of her lawyer she was released from prison in 1787 and she even got a compensation for the time of imprisonment.






Technical details

Apart from the main engine, the Kaat Mossel has a Mitsubishi generator to generate power if necessary. The entire ship has central heating.
The water tanks have a capacity of 2400 litre. The oil tank can store 600 litre.


The well-equipped galley is supplied with the necessary cutlery, tableware, pots and pans, refrigerator (246 litre) and freezer (100 litre). The gas cooker has 6 rings, an oven and a storm-proof rack. Oppesit of the cooker there’s build-in beertap. One can order fusts of beer at the skipper.
There’s also a BBQ (on coal) that can be used.
In the quest room one can find a stereo with CD player, books and games to play together.
At request a beamer, TV, or DVD player can be arranged.


For the multiple-day trips as well as the day trips the required amount of life jackets is available. The ship meets the inspection requirements for all the demands concerning rescue operations and fire-fighting equipment.

Kate Moss

is the name of the little dinghy on deck

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